5 Reasons Why Lucerne is the Most Gorgeous City in Switzerland

5 Reasons Why Lucerne is the Most Gorgeous City in Switzerland

Located in the heart of Switzerland, the city of Lucerne boasts of immense beauty, culture, and history. It is one of the few remaining Swiss cities that has managed to maintain its medieval architecture with a bit of added modernity. Among other things, a lot of tourists enjoy the breathtaking nature sites surrounding the city and its rich culture. Are you contemplating a tour to Lucerne? If so, here are five awesome reasons why you should be excited about your trip.

Picturesque Bridges: Kapellbrücke and the Spreuerbrücke

Nothing depicts Lucerne’s Swiss culture and history better than the 685-year-old Kapellbrücke (or Chapel Bridge). Spanning only 200 meters long, it was constructed to boost the city’s fortification. In case you are wondering: what makes it so special? Well, it is the oldest wooden footbridge in Europe and also the oldest existing truss bridge in the entire world. Which is pretty awesome, right?

Lucerne is also home to yet another breathtaking bridge – the Spreuerbrücke – which was formerly known as Mühlenbrücke. Both footbridges were constructed on the river Reuss. This not only qualifies them as world historical sites but also makes them ideal places for a selfie moment in Lucerne.

Awe-Inspiring Nature: Mount Pilatus and Lake Lucerne

If you are more into nature, you’ll be glad to know that the scenic Mount Pilatus overlooking the city of Lucerne. Locals describe the mountain massif as “the dragon’s lair, home to giants, maker of weather, and the grave of rulers”. All these descriptions portray the majesticness of the mountain and stir up a bit of mystery surrounding it. Luckily you can also tame the mountain yourself, by simply taking the railway up and enjoying the beauty it has to offer.

At the top of the mountain, there is a clear panoramic view of the city including the beautiful Lake Lucerne. It is the fourth largest lake in Switzerland and probably one of the best tourist hotspots in the Swiss nation as a result of its irregular shape, sharp bends, and overall charm.

Fascinating Museums: Glacier Garden of Lucerne

The famous Glacier Garden in Lucerne – also called Gletschergarten – is a must visit for the cultural traveler. It features numerous bits of antiquity and art to accommodate all kinds of interests. It is home to Lucerne’s monumental Lion curving. And for both history and nature buffs the garden’s polished rocks, erratic blocks, and glacial potholes offer a sneak peek into the Ice Age era among other fascinating facts about the region’s beginnings.

Another enjoyable experience to try out with your friends and family is the garden’s lush and vibrant park and the captivating 90-mirror maze. So, whether you are a looking to expand your horizons or want to spend some quality time with your family the Glacier garden has everything you are looking for.

A Rich History: Musegg Wall

Of course, a visit to Lucerne would not be complete without checking out the city’s iconic wall – the Musegg Wall. Originally it was built around the colorful town of Altstadt (Old Town) in the 13th Century. And amazingly, this 870-meter long wall still stands strong after all this time. When it was constructed the Museggmauer had nine towers along the wall. Currently four of the towers are open to visitors, which are the Wacht, Männli, Schirmer, and Zyt towers.

An interesting thing to note is that the oldest city clock is housed on Zytturm tower, which chimes for one minute every hour before all the other city clocks go off in Lucerne. The towers also offer a great view over the city, so you can enjoy Lucerne in all its glamor.

Beautiful Churches: Jesuit Church and the Church of St. Leodegar

Last but not least, the city of Lucerne is also home to some of the nicest baroque and renaissance churches in Europe. The Jesuit Church and Church of St. Leodegar are both stunning eye catchers and magnificent places to visit.

The history of both churches dates back to the 17th century making them an invaluable source of learning about the region’s religious past during the German late renaissance years. In addition, their highly flamboyant and extravagant form of architecture and art make them ideal spots for art lovers.

Evidently, the gorgeous city of Lucerne in Switzerland has more to offer. From its untamed beauty, vibrant medieval culture to its rich historical sites, there’s definitely everything for everyone. And that’s why you have every reason to be thrilled about touring the region.

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