The 6 most enjoyable free things to do in Perth, Australia

The 6 most enjoyable free things to do in Perth, Australia

Over the years, Perth has become a hotspot for attracting tourists from all around the world. As Australian cities have acquired acknowledgment for their beauty and charm it is no surprise they are becoming increasingly popular among travelers. Celebrating a year of hard work by treating yourself on a vacation to Perth is a great idea. One of the great things about Perth is that there are also an abundance of touristic places you can visit without spending a single dime.

Perth is a beautiful city with a large network of free tourist spots where you can take vacation pictures, learn about the history of the places and explore quintessentially Australian sites to enamor yourself to the welcoming essence of the city. Especially the nature in Perth is quite a treat as you can retreat yourself to popular attractions like King Park and visit the ever-so-beautiful Cottesloe Beach to enjoy the exquisiteness of nature.

Visit Kings Park and Botanic Garden

The Kings Park in Perth has earned admiration for its silken blue water emerging from the Swan River and its gigantic Botanic Garden. The park is regarded as one of the most expansive inner-city parks on the planet, and as such this enchanting park is paid a warm visit by millions of visitors on an annual basis. The park represents an exclusive and exquisite collection of Western Australian Flora, and it is open to all for relaxing walks and family picnics.

The beauty of the Kings Park is a cure for sore eyes, and you will be immensely welcomed by the colored sailboats floating on the river. When the sun sets, you will be greeted warmly by the gracious lights of the city, and the Perth Hills in the distance will entice you to spend an eternity in the fold of Kings Park.

Kings Park offers great panoramic views as it spans an impressive 400 hectares, and is home to a combination of cultivated and natural plantlife. The soft and dewy grass of the garden makes an excellent spot for a picnic, and children visiting the park can entertain themselves with fully-equipped playgrounds where they can run around, do some climbing and enjoy some slides.

The tourists are further entertained by the charm of the Swan and Canning Rivers, and the Bushland and flawless botanic garden cordially welcome its tourists to stay at the garden for a little longer than usual. You can also find free daily guided walks, visitor information center, cafes, public transport, and gallery shops when trailing through the park.

Explore the Perth Cultural Centre

The Perth Cultural Centre is the buzzing heart of Perth where the community comes together to experience culture, knowledge, arts and activities. The cultural centre is opened to all, and it welcomes the tourists from all around the world to familiarize themselves with the rich history of Perth and Australia in one place.

A lot of the highlights of the Perth Cultural Centre can be checked out for free. For example you can access some of the most popular museums in Australia without spending any money, such as the ‘Art Gallery of Western Australia’, the ‘Western Australian Museum’, the ‘State Library of Western Australia’ and the ‘Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts’. Which is a great and affordable way for tourists to immerse themselves in Australian art.

The Perth Cultural Centre is also easy to reach with public transportation. And once you are done you’ll be happy to know that a visit to the Perth Cultural Centre can easily be combined with a visit to Northbridge, which lies right next to it, and has some of the best bars and restaurants in Perth.

Go tanning at Cottesloe Beach

The most famous beach in Perth must be Cottesloe Beach, as the shore of the beach is known for its 0.6 miles of pristine white sand and clear water. This beach was also picked as the one of the best family friendly beaches in the world in 2009. This warm beach is a great place for people to indulge themselves in surfing, swimming, diving, snorkeling for some nice Australian reefs and sea dragons, kitesurfing, and other recreational activities. It is especially lovely to deep dive into the ocean here, and to view the magical sunset over the Indian Ocean.

Of course visitors can also just sit back and enjoy the sun on the beach. There is even a grassed terrace for a more picnic vibe and a cozy boulevard with cafes and restaurants serving the visitors of the beach. If you are looking for some variety during your vacation and wish to escape the city then the shores of Perth and Cottesloe beach are a great place to create some memorable times.

See kangaroos on Heirisson Island

If you are visiting Perth, you should definitely add the Heirisson Island to your must-visit places. The island is famous for its host of kangaroos. And the best thing about it is that you can meet the kangaroos for free.

Heirisson Island can be found on the Swan River, which connected the city center with the ocean, giving it a much appreciated environment. The Island is home to a host of animals, including five female western grey kangaroos. But often you can also spot pelicans, pink cockatoos and colorful parrots. It is said sometimes even Dolphins have said to pass by the Island, although that isn’t very likely to happen.

Kangaroos on Heirisson Island are likely to be found hiding in tall grass or under the shade of a tree. As they are wild animals you shouldn’t touch them, but they do make excellent background material for your vacation photos.

Western Australian maritime museum

The Western Australian Maritime Museum makes another wonderful site to visit in Perth, which you can access for free. The museum is famous for its praiseworthy exhibitions and laudable collections. The museum makes an excellent place for familiarizing yourself with the rich maritime history of the WA coastline, with amazing items such as shipwrecks, leisure boats, a huge submarine, harpoons, naval mines, pearl diving equipment and fishing artifacts of aboriginals.

The aesthetic and ambiance of the museum are lovely and a visit surely aids in educating its visitors on the history of Australia. The museum is suitable for all audiences and can be found within walking distance of the Fremantle Train Station.

Visit the Fremantle Markets

If you are looking for local products then the Fremantle Markets are the place to check out. You will find a huge array of fresh local produce, such as fruits and vegetables, at Fremantle Markets, which are grown and supplied by the local growers in Perth. The Fremantle Markets also houses a variety of other organic goods under one roof, such as an assortment of spices, superfoods, fine breads and pastries.

The Fremantle Markets Bar makes an exciting spot for the visitors to interact and socialize with other people, and maintain friendly connections over a drink. It is established as a unified community, which also arranges a number of performances and entertainment segments to welcome the visitors of the markets. So even if you aren’t looking to spend it’s still quite enjoyable to visit.

The markets also offer a great stage for the artists craft and indigenous artwork, which appeal to the tourists traveling to Perth from all around the world. And niche products such as didgeridoos, local jewellery and souvenirs to take home.

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