These are the top 3 fanciest city parks in the world

These are the top 3 fanciest city parks in the world

When people think of a city they often forget about the little green gems within them. Many of the world’s cities have reserved green spots where the people can escape to and spend their leisure time in. The design of a park often says a lot about the people living in the city, as aspects of the local culture can often be found in the city parks themselves. Some parks hold a lot of fresh food markets, while others are meant for biking. In this blog I’d like to showcase some of the most interesting parks you can find on this planet.

1. Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

At the very heart of the busy city of San Francisco you will find the Golden Gate Park. Spanning an astounding 1,017 acres of land the park is actually bigger than the Central Park in New York City. The park is full of great places where you can relax with your family. The Japanese Tea Garden for instance is arguably the most attractive place of the park, with traditional Japanese buildings, soothing paths among well maintained landscapes, the typical Japanese goldfish and of course, a place to sit down and get a nice cup of tea.

You could go for a picnic or toss a frisbee at one of the many meadows and lakes or simply take a stroll through park. Or if you are looking for something different you can go to the Buffalo Paddock to watch some herds of Bison. If you have kid can take them to the carousel or go watch some delightful exotic plants with them at the Conservatory of Flowers.

This park is the place where residents of San Francisco like visiting on Sundays to enjoy a music concert from the Golden Gate Park Band. The park is easily accessible through public transport, but it might be more fun to take a tour bus as you will then learn a lot about the history of Golden Gate Park, and how it was created from sandy ground to become the giant park that it is today.

2. Boboli Gardens, Florence

If you are traveling to Florence in Italy, you can add Boboli Gardens into your list of places to visit. Behind the Renaissance Pitti Palace you will find a park that dates back to the middle of the 16th century and is one of the best open air museums you can find in Florence. The Boboli Gardens is a park of typically Italian design, as stroll past centuries old oak trees your path will lead you to some beautiful Italian sculptures and fountains.

The first thing you will encounter in the park is the amphitheatre, which guards your way towards the vast greenery of the park. As you move deeper into this park you will admire the Neptune fountains and the incredible antique statues, while enjoying the nature surrounding you. This amazing avenue consists of statues and cypresses will lead you to the Fountain of the Ocean, Perseus and Andromeda sitting at the center of a pond which was created in 1618. Boboli Gardens is the best place to escape from the summer heat as you enjoy the serene atmosphere of the gardens and enjoy the art within it.

Surrounding the gardens you will many pretty amazing historical sights as well, such as decorative grottoes from the 16th century, the original location of Michelangelo‘s statue of David, which for obvious reasons now shows a replica of the original, and an elevated monumental fortress among the many other things Florence has to offer.

3. Park Güell, Barcelona

When you think of Barcelona, then you think of Gaudi and rich fantastical architecture. Park Güell is one of the pinnacles of Gaudi’s work and was even declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site back in 1984. The park has a combination of stone paths that blend perfectly with the green environment, naturalist architecture with houses that look like they come straight from candy land, large stone stairways and beautiful mosaic walls and sculptures.

As you enter the park you will be met by two incredible looking gingerbread houses, that lead to the dragon stairway with the famous lizard fountain. You will quickly notice that you will be hard pressed to find any of the straight lines of modern architecture, but instead you will be surrounded by the wavy and natural architecture that radiate a certain calmness.

The blending of nature and architecture in Gaudi’s work is especially clear in the terrace columns that look like trees and leaves. This design also extends to the colonnaded footpaths with beautiful columns that don’t even stand upright. And perhaps the most impressive feat of this park can be found on it’s main terrace, from which you can enjoy amazing picturesque view of Barcelona including landmarks like Sagrada familia. Park Güell is certainly one of the most interesting sights of Barcelona and there is no better way to spend your afternoon here than to explore this amazingly surreal park.

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  • Every time I’m in Barcelona I enjoy walking through Park Guell. It’s such a charming place. It feels like your entering the world of Alice in Wonderland, except it’s in the very heart of Barcelona. There really isn’t anything like it elsewhere.

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