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The best discos and clubs in Amsterdam

It is widely known that the city of Amsterdam knows how to party. It has a very active nightlife with lots of dance and nightclubs. Whether you like jazz, techno, soul, rock, hip-hop, house, pop or r&b, there is always something to do when you are looking for a fun party night out. Although discos and clubs can be found all across town, the nightlife of Amsterdam is mainly focused around the Leidseplein and the Rembrandtplein. Nightlife venues for people from the LGBT community can mainly be found in the Reguliersdwarsstraat. We from Meet The Cities have listed the best and most popular clubs and discotheques below.


Escape venue

Club Escape has been present in the Dutch nightlife since 1986 and after all these years it is still one of the most popular nightclubs in Amsterdam. Also its location at the Rembrandtplein is very attractive. So this list with the best clubs in Amsterdam wouldn’t be complete without Escape venue.

The club has multiple areas with very good entertainment-, sound- and lighting systems and is keeping them updated with the newest technologies. In these different areas they often play different popular music styles by different national and international DJs. Some famous DJs that have performed in club Escape are David Guetta, Hardwell and Tiësto. Next to club Escape is Escape Caffé and Lounge where also parties and events are organized. On most evenings are strict dress codes applicable, so make sure you you dress fashionable.


Club Panama is a modern designed theater-nightclub located in a former power plant, that has been marked as an industrial monument, in the Oostelijk Havengebied. It has a restaurant and a club with themed party nights and live music events. Their capacity is about 1000 guests. Panama’s own programming ranges from energetic live music nights and surprising theater performances to club nights. Many international DJs have performed at Panama. Especially during ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) it attracts well-known DJs.


The Melkweg (The Milky Way) was originally a sugar- and later on a milk factory located near the Leidseplein. In 1973 it opened as a cultural centre and had many changes since then. Nowadays the venue has six halls of which three are concert halls, a cinema, a theater, and an exhibition space. Yearly the Melkweg attracts over 400.000 visitors, but still manages to keep an intimate atmosphere. In the three concert halls are weekly different music events. Famous and less famous artists, bands and DJs perform over here. The programming has always been very diverse and embraces all music styles from punk to hip hop and from grunge to dance, so there are always performances scheduled that you will like.

Club ABE

ABE Club & Lounge is an exclusive and high-end club located in a former bank building near the Rembrandtplein. It consists of a lounge area and a club area with two VIP decks. The bartenders are very friendly and prepare delicious drinks.

While the lounge with an island bar is perfect for a cocktail or glass of wine to start the evening, you find yourself in the club area in a completely different world; one that reminds you of the magical high-end nightclubs in foreign cities like Miami, New York or Barcelona. The club is not only open at Saturday, but also at several weekdays. Please note that the club has a door policy and that you have to dress well and/or fashionable to get into the club.

Jantjes verjaardag

Jantjes verjaardag, or Johnny’s birthday in English, is a well-known club in Amsterdam as it already exists for over 25 years. When you come to Jantjes verjaardag you will experience one big party with a lot of happy music and alcohol. This is probably not the best nightclub in Amsterdam, but it absolutely belongs on this list because this discotheque has all the ingredients to bring you and your friends a great night out with a lot of fun.

This party cafe is one-of-a-kind in Amsterdam and has three different themed areas, but all feel a bit like a birthday-, carnival-, brown café-, student- and apres-ski party mixed together. Their capacity is over 600 party people, so try to imagine how big this “birthday” party becomes when the club gets full.

The music that is played ranges from sing along songs, German schlager music, dance music and reggaeton to international party hits and even Dutch singers that come here to perform live. These live performances and the happy party music attracts relatively young local students, but also some curious tourists that like to join the Amsterdam birthday party. From Thursday to Saturday there are various themed party nights. At most of these evenings is the entrance for free when you come in early.

Club AIR

Club AIR is a really popular nightclub in Amsterdam. According to the British newspaper The Guardian belongs Club AIR to the top 25 of the best clubs in Europe and according to the DJ Mag top 100 clubs ranks Club AIR 30th in 2016.

The nightclub has an international look and feel and has five different bars, each with their own design and atmosphere. The management of Club AIR keeps investing in the club and offers its guests a great night out with excellent audio from the state-of-the-art sound systems and great visual attractions from of the lightings and an impressive LED wall. The club is pretty large with a maximum capacity of 1300 party people, but it has managed to create very friendly, intimate and warm atmosphere. Club AIR has a varied program, from hip hop to house music and welcomes different crowds. Each evening is unique and has different DJs.

Jimmy Woo

Jimmy Woo is a relatively small, but extremely popular hotspot nightclub that is known for its luxurious style. This exclusive club is considered to be one of the best clubs in Amsterdam and is often visited by artists and other celebrities that come to Amsterdam. People come not only to the Jimmy Woo to party, but also to see and be seen.

The club has two floors. Upstairs is an Asian styled bar and downstairs is the club where many of the best DJs have performed. Once you’re inside you will not only be impressed by the interior of the club but also by its sound system, the ceiling panel with about 12.000 lights, the Asian antiques and gold leaf covered walls. The cocktails, exclusively made for Jimmy Woo, make the perfect luxurious night out complete. The queue in front of the entrance can become large and the selection at the door very strict, so make sure that you dress to impress. Ways to secure your entrance are a table reservation or getting on the guest list.


As its name suggests was the Sugarfactory once a sugar factory. But since 2005 is it an independent venue for a great night out as it is used as a nightclub and as a stage for live music venue events (blended with art, theatre and culture). Sugarfactory is conveniently located in the historical city center of Amsterdam near the Leidseplein where also many other nightlife activities take place.

The venue has a main hall and a more intimate area where music events can be held, and for its guests that smoke does it also have a small smoking lounge. The maximum capacity of the venue is about 700 guests at club nights and about 550 guests when there are live music events. The atmosphere is intimate and very open-minded and the venue offers a stage to upcoming national and international DJs and bands. Sugerfactory is open 7 evenings / nights a week and hosts over 600 events per year. During weekdays every night will be themed in a different music genre like a techno-, r&b-, rock- or jazz night with low (or free) entrance fees. So whatever your taste may be there is always a night in the week where you can party on your favorite music until the early morning hours.


Bitterzoet, or Bittersweet in English, is a spot used as a nightclub and as a live music venue. The club is centrally located at only a short walk from Amsterdam Central Station, which is convenient for visitors that make use of the public transport.

Although this club is relatively small with a maximum of about 350 people, Bitterzoet deserves a spot in this list with the best nightclubs in Amsterdam as the club has a real warm welcoming and intimate atmosphere that you need to experience. The club has downstairs the main bar, a dancefloor, a stage with a DJ-booth and leaded glass windows, while upstairs you will find a more cosy bar and a theatre podium.

The themes and performances at Bitterzoet differ from upbeat house DJs to small intimate concerts and from stage diving rough punk bands to relaxed reggae bands. Not only the well-known artists, but also underground, subculture and upcoming artists get a stage here to perform and showcase their skills. The club has also done some entertaining collaborations with the Amsterdam pop temple Paradiso.

Bitterzoet is unique in the way that it does not have a fixed weekly program, but offers a different program every day. This is also why Bitterzoet also attracts a wide range of young unique party people with a creative fashion style. The club is open 7 days a week and entrance fee is relatively low, especially during weekdays.

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Perfect destination for: Enjoying museums and touring canals, fashion shopping, partying, smoking the green stuff, exploring the Netherlands.

Location: Amsterdam is the capital of The Netherlands. It’s a West-European country next to Germany and the UK.

Nearby: It’s very close to cities such as The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht. If you take the high-speed train it takes about 3 hours to be in Paris.

Large events: Kingsday and the Canal Parade!

Currency: The Euro.

Where to stay: We made a list of the best hotels in Amsterdam.

Famous for: Tulips, windmills, canals, famous painters such as Rembrandt and Van Gogh, cheese, stroopwafels, clogs, heineken beer, famous DJs, liberal laws.